Thursday, August 4, 2011


At APS we purchased the web based AR program through RenLearn. Although we are still working out the kinks and learning our way around the program, we love it! We are always looking for ways to increase the volume of reading in our classrooms. Instead of focusing on a set amount of points for each student to read, we set realistic goals for each student based on their level of ability. Here are the directions to help you get started:

*Log into your teacher AR account.
Click on Resources-Forms and Charts-Goal Setting Chart

You can use this chart to help you get started based on each child's ZPD. Decide how many minutes you propose the child will be reading a day and use the suggestion given.

*You can utilize the AR Goal Calculator- (Wonderful, quick and easy tool!) This will not save so make sure you print out your form before exiting.

*To help you monitor each child's goal: go to Class Record Books-Reading Practice Goals.
Enter the Selected Marking Periods. Click Create under Actions and complete the blanks for each of your students.

*Reports that many of us use are under the Reports Heading...
Under Reading Practice you may decide to use the Diagnostic or Student Points or Goal History.

Setting attainable goals for each child is a great way to make each child feel successful! It provides a great opportunity for student conferencing as well. Each 9 weeks marking period we acknowledge each child who met their goal by placing their name on the AR Wall of Fame. A special AR Field Trip is awarded for each child that reaches their End of the Year AR Goal.