Monday, March 19, 2012

SWBS Chart

Great strategy to use with students to increase comprehension and help with plot. Several of our teachers are now using this and have seen it make an impact in student learning. After having modeled this activity whole group several times, this can be copied onto card stock and laminated. Then, teachers can place in a center for groups to work on together. Students can write on post it notes and place in the boxes.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Second Grade Unit 5 Quick Writes

A Quick Write is short (3-5 minutes)! This activity gets the kids thinking about writing and allows them to focus on a lesson or idea! I created these based on Unit 5 Reading Street selection stories. Teachers will be able to evaluate student background knowledge before teaching the concept.

Exit Card

Similar to my ticket out the door! But here students jot what they didn't get from the lesson and what they did get. This will help determine next steps to guide your instruction.

Today You Can Write Your Own Ticket!

This is an activity I use at the end of the day. It is similar to a student work log. I usually encourage students to base this on essential questions. Before dismissal, they write what we worked on that day, what they needed help with, and what they learned.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Interview Time!

This is an example of a reading comprehension strategy I have been creating for our Second Grade Reading Street Unit Stories. I am so new at this whole blogging/Teachers Pay Teachers forgive me! :) I'm learning! This strategy helps to incorporate thinking, speaking, listening, writing, and reading. I love it!!

Having tons of crazy fun on Dr. Suess' Birthday!