Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Common Core Standards and Writing

Just recently I have dipped...and when I say dipped...I'm talking about my pinky toe...into checking out the CCS and the impact it will have on 1st and 2nd grade reading and language arts. Writing is one of those areas that I have focused on. Our school uses Scott Foresman-Reading Street. Personally, I really like it. But like with any textbook/series adoption, there are gaps that may not fit the needs of your students. Writing is going to be one of those gaps that we will have to fill. So, I have started researching some literature on writing. Yesterday I researched Lucy Calkins. I would love to hear from anyone that is familiar with her work with Writing Workshop.

 “It is terribly important for kids to read and write for the reasons that people the world over read and write, which is to communicate, to be delighted, to laugh.” 
- Lucy Caulkins 


What does a Writing Workshop classroom look like? 

     Small groups of students are busy throughout the room.  In a corner Carl and Steven are conferencing about Steven’s dinosaur story.  Kathy is at the publishing center designing the cover for her personal narrative about the day she broke her arm.  Mrs. Lyle, the teacher, is conferencing with Carlos about his mystery story. Gregory is intensively working on his book of animal poetry.  An author’s chair is positioned at the front of the room.  Posters explaining the steps of the writing process are posted on the walls.  Student writing is very visible.  Children have easy access to the tools they need such as pencils, paper, thesauruses, and dictionaries.
There is energy in the room as children purposefully converse with each other about their writing.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Are you looking to increase student fluency this time of year?? Then this is a GREAT way to do just that. PIG read...Partner read- read Independently-and Group read. This packet also includes activities that focus on weekly skills for Unit 6 Reading Street. Check it out my teacherspayteachers store!