Friday, February 22, 2013

What Does Common Core Mean to Us Teachers?

     Implementing the CCS means a different way of teaching and learning!! These standards are more rigorous and students must master to the level of application! Students will be doers!
Here’s another way to think about it.
You’d see:
- Less of teachers lecturing and more of teachers modeling.
- Less of students listening and more of students constructing meaning together.
- Less of teachers turning to the next page in the textbook and more of teachers using formative assessments to determine what’s next.
- Less of students recalling (although sometimes this is necessary) and more of students transferring their learning to new experiences.
- Less of teachers hurrying to cover more content and more of teachers slowing down to insure deep understanding and application.
- Less of students reading from secondary sources and more of students wrestling with primary texts in every subject area.